The Sector Plate

I have never attempted to make a sector plate before. The small layout I am currently building requires one such “space-saver” device; even if there are only two approaching roads, a turnout would take too much space.

This sector plate is a copy of the one made by the 2mm Association member Mark Fielder for his “British Oak” layout, which features in “The Beginner’s Guide to 2mm Finescale Modelling”.

The materials I used are two lengths of aluminum L section bars (16 x 16 x 1.5 mm), 6.5 mm thick Kite Tufnol, and 6BA countersunk bolts.

I had to purchase the aluminum sections as I had nothing suitable in the scrap box – rather expensive at £2.99 for one 200 mm length (and I needed two). I got some samples, different grades, from Direct Plastics.

Using a jigsaw I cut the two pieces of Kite Tufnol which were drilled with a 2.3 mm HSS drill then tapped (6BA tapered tap). I have to remember for next time I drill Tufnol, not to use the drill at high speed.

After a couple of hours, here is my sector plate:

The “approaching roads” side was filed in a curved shape