The “Shay” at Expo Narrow Gauge 2018, Swanley

In spite of the front truck being split in three places, the “Shay” run without having a break for 8 hours on Mark Fielder’s “The Pizza” layout. The Searails PowerMAX! motor is not cheap but, in my opinion, it’s worth every penny.

The three disconnected logging trucks and the caboose are 3D printed (designed by Tom Knapp).
ExpoNG 2018

Class A “Shay” in Nn3 – Part 2

I enjoyed assembling all the components of this little locomotive. The tender, the cab, and the boiler soldered to the frame:

Tender, cab, and boiler soldered to the frame

The two steam cylinders engine is made up of pewter and brass components soldered together:


More small components have been added: chimney, front and rear lights, cab ventilation lid, engine cover (brass):

Small bits fitted to the body